Free Home Value - Fancy

This is our best converting page for Facebook advertising. It includes a Geo-Map that pulls up the location of the home for the lead. This page allows customization for your area.

What size photo do I need for the background?

  • 1920X1200 to fit properly

How do I change the photo on this page? 

  1. Log in to your lead capture sites ( 
  2. Go to the "websites" tab
  3. Click "edit" next to Free Home Value - Fancy
  4. Click "content pages" on the left
  5. Click "edit" next to the page named "Request"
  6. Scroll down to Background Image, and check mark delete next to the current photo
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save
  8. Scroll down to Background Image and upload the image you want and save your changes at the bottom to apply your new photo


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