How do I get my case studies?

A lot of agents want to know how they can get the case studies for these letters. If you have been an agent for several years and know of past customers that are happy to recommend you, call them up and interview them.

You may already know a lot of the answers to the questions, but it's good to ask them anyways, they may give you some valuable information that they never mentioned before.

  1. Did I get your home sold?
  2. Did I get your home sold for the amount you wanted?
  3. Were you listed with another Realtor before me?
  4. IF YES: How did that agent do?
  5. IF YES: How long did they have your home listed for?
  6. IF YES: How many buyers did they present your home to?
  7. IF YES: Why do you think they failed at selling your home?
  8. Would you use me again?
  9. Would you refer me to your friends and family?

If you are a brand new agent and don't have past clients to get referrals from, then this funnel may not be the best one for you to start with.

The Vacant Homes Funnel would be a better place to start.

There are a few other things that you can do in this situation though if you are determined to use the Expired Funnel.

  1. Remove all the mention of case studies, testimonials etc from the letter
  2. Use case studies from the brokerage as a whole, say things like "RE/MAX sold my home in 25 days!"
  3. Use "Good guy" testimonials from friends, family, and colleagues instead.

None of these are ideal, they will convert much lower then the letter using case studies. So if you're new, the true best plan of action is to use a different funnel

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