Do Preview Appointments Actually Turn Into Listings?

All appointments can turn into listings. The more people that you meet with and talk to you the more opportunities you'll have to list their homes.

These appointments may not be as good as a referral lead calling you up and saying "My friend Betty said you did a great job selling her home, I want to sell too. Can we meet?", but these appointments are still very valuable and turn into listings.

If you practice the appointment steps covered in "Step 5: The Preview Appointment", you should have a very high success rate on these appointments.

Preview appointments turn into listings, even if you aren’t a superstar closer.

Have you ever bought something where you didn’t intend to buy and then you just went along and bought it?

You go to a store and see something that you would like to buy. You know you can buy it for $40 less online. You know it’s not the best price or the best terms. You can buy it online for $40 less.

But, you don’t feel like shopping around and you just buy it. (After all, by the time you pay shipping you’ll only save $20. And, you’ll have to wait a week for it to get to you.)

The decision to buy becomes easy now that you’ve justified it. It’s the same thing here. The sellers meet you. You seem like a nice agent. You know what you are doing. They like you.

You have immediately positioned yourself ahead of just about every other agent – except for perhaps friends and family members.

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