What About My Obligation To My Buyer Under Buyer Agency?

Some of you who work with buyers may wonder why I am not trying to show the buyer the house and work to get help them buy it for the lowest price possible.

There are two reasons for that.

  1. Most of the buyers we are mailing for are people we have talked to on the phone about their search.  I work as a listing agent and have not shown these buyers any houses – except in very rare cases. So I really don’t have any “buyer agency” relationship to represent them.
  2. If a buyer has not made an obligation to me, then I do not feel that I should be obligated to them. How many of us have had a buyer buy a house without us because they were afraid of losing out on it?

In order for me to feel obligated to a buyer, then they would have to obligate themselves to me.

If that is the case, then I would have them sign a buyer agency agreement where they agree that if the seller will not pay me a commission, then they will pay me out of their own pocket. Unless they have signed that, then I not feel like I have an obligation to them.

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