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I placed an ad on facebook to run for 5 days leading up to the open house last Sunday the 7th. I followed your procedures exactly as they were listed. I created a unique website for just that property and I posted it just like you said. I used a $60.00 budget and went for ages 21-65 and within a 25 mile radius of Louisville Ky. My receipt said I had over 16,000 reads, I had 6 likes and 2 comments. I had 0 people show up from facebook ad and only two total. This is a sellers market and picky buyers. The seller refused to lower the price. It is already priced lower then other houses in the subdivision. The issue is it is on a very busy street. But easy turn around in the driveway and a turn lane in the middle of the street, so it is really not an issue. (yup marketed it that way).

There must be at least one piece of the pie missing that you did that I did not. Please help me, I am out of money and frustrated


Jared's Response:

The big thing I notice is that the budget was only $60 and that budget was spent over a 5 day period which would be $12 a day. That's really not going to reach a lot of people. When I did my open house I spent $500 over a 4 day period which would have been $125 a day. The result was 150 people walking through the house. Also, I was in a small market and so that $500 really saturated my ads throughout the whole town. Louisville, KY is a HUGE market so I'm not surprised that a budget of $60 plus a 25 mile radius of Louisville didn't get any results. Here are some action steps to do on your next open house ad:
1. Ramp up the budget to $300 or so and maybe run it for 2 days instead of 5. If you're going to run it for 5 days, increase the budget significantly.
2. Narrow your targeting. Don't target the entire city of Louisville + 25 miles. That's a lot of people. Try to target zip codes within Louisville where a lot of homes are selling (because that means there will be buyers)
3. Make sure that you have professional pictures of the home. Bright, nice and clean pictures that pop really make a difference in these ads.
4. If the house is on a busy street then add 5-6 yellow signs that say "OPEN HOUSE". Those signs will help people notice and find the house.
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