How do I make a short link for Text Message codes?

1. Pull up your lead capture sites and log in.
2. Pull up another tab on your browser and goto this link: (This is a free tool provided by Google that will shorten any URL link that you have.)

3. In the Instant Biz sites, lick on the Web Sites tab. 
  • Click edit on the page that you are wanting the report from.
  • Click on the "Content Pages" button on the left hand side.
  • Preview the Thank You page.
  • Copy the Thank You page URL link from the page you are viewing.
4. Go to the tab that you have the Google Short Link page opened on.
  • Paste in your Thank You page link and click the blue "Shorten URL" button.
  • Copy the new shortened URL.
5. You will not have a short link that you can add into any SMS Section of your codes. Here are some additional steps to help with entering the information into the code:
6. Pull the Instant Biz sites tab/page back up.
7. At the top of the page you should have a light blue bar. On the bar you will have a couple different options, Click on the Mobile Real Estate Marketer tab.
  • Click on the "Codes" tab.
  • Click on the Edit Man for the code you wish to add the link to.
  • Locate the "SMS Message" Section of the code. 
  • Type in your message and then paste in your shortened URL. 
Here is an example of what you can use:
Thank you! Please click here to learn How To Sell Your Home For More Money...  With Fewer Showings. (The URL Provided will need to be switched to your personal Short URL.)
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