Cloning Websites To Make Changes

This article will show you how to clone websites and make sure they're working properly. 


If you want to make changes to your sites, cloning it first is HIGHLY recommended. This will keep the original in case any mistakes are made. 

Let's start with understanding Website and Webforms. 

Websites are where you make changes to how the page looks (Photos, verbiage, graphs and information). 

Web Forms are where you will select which questions are on each page. This is also what tells the website which pages do what and where to go when the answers are submitted.

Emily walks you through the process here:

1. Log into your Instant Biz Websites by going here:

2. Go to the websites tab

3. Click the "Clone" button next to the website you want to create a copy of to make changes. 

4. Then Rename the site (You can name it anything you would like)

5. Create the new URL Slug for the site, this cannot have spaces or symbols. You are creating the URL ending for the page. 

Next you need to clone the Web Form for your page. This will ensure that your new website redirects to the correct pages. 

1. Click "Clone next to the Web Form you would like to Clone

2. Rename the cloned Web Form - we recommend naming the same as your page to make it easier for you

3. Click "Edit" next to your new Web Form

4. First thing that you will want to do is copy the Second Step Embed Code (this is the code that ends in –b. You will also want to make sure that the [Brackets] are included when copying the code). Copy and paste this code in a notepad for now.

5. Scroll down to the Second Step Location and make sure to change the page here to your new cloned Customize page (this step is not needed with a two page site).

6. Right below will be the Re-Direct Options. Here you will want to change the page to your new cloned Thank You page. Once the changes are made, save your web form.

7. Next you will want to pull up your websites tab. Locate your new cloned page and select the Edit option on the right hand side of your location link. 

8. From the site settings you will want to click on the the blue content pages tab on the left hand side. From the content pages tab you will want to click edit on the first page listed.

9. Once in edit mode for your main page you will want to scroll down to Web Form Content. Here you will want to locate the Insert Web Form section and make sure that your new cloned web form is added here. Save.

10. Next, scroll up and click on the Customize page on the left hand side under content pages.

11. Under Customize you will want to scroll down and remove the current web form link. Then paste in the web form link that you had copied before from your new cloned web form (The link that ends in –b - that should be in a notepad) Then Click Save.


Before editing your pages you will want to make sure that these four areas are connected correctly.

  1. Web forms – Customize page (This step is not needed with a two page site).
  2. Web forms – Thank you page.
  3. Web sites – Main page in the insert web form section.
  4. Web sites – Customize page. Replace the embed code that you copied from your web form (This step is not needed with a two page site).

If you're not sure, the easiest way to tell is by submitting a test lead on your new site. Then Check the Leads tab, if the information came in on 1 lead and the page name matches your cloned page, then it's completely connected. If not, check your page settings and double check the 4 steps above.

If all four of these places are connected, your site should direct correctly and is ready for use. Now you can modify your page and get it ready to use.

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