The Different Ways To Use Facebook

Personal Profile

  • A Personal Profile is for non-commercial use and represents an individual, not a company. To access your personal profile, you have to log into Facebook with your personal log in information. With a personal profile you can also add friends to connect with.


  • Although Pages look similar to Personal Profiles, they can ONLY be managed by individuals logged in under their personal profile. In order to make modifications, manage post or review activity you have to go directly to the page. They also offer unique tools, and tracking for businesses, brands or organizations. In order to get updates from the page in your newsfeed, you must like the page. Posts to Pages are generally public and can be viewed by anyone on Facebook. With Pages you can only invite your friends to like the page. You cannot advertise on Facebook without having a page.


  • Groups are used to connect with people who have similar interests, this is an area where you can discuss shared interests. Creating a group allows you to chat with members, upload photos to group albums, and receive notifications when any member posts to the group. Anyone can create a group on Facebook to connect with people who share their interests. The admin can make the group Public, Closed or Secret to make the group easier to find or more secured depending on the group.
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