How To Access Power Editor (Basic)

For Full Instructions, log into your Agent ROI Labs Membership site.


Power Editor MUST be used in Google Chrome ONLY

This is the most advanced method of creating ads. It allows you to create many ads and/or campaigns. This would be a great place to create any split tests you were interested in completing. While this is the most advanced and complex advertising method, once you have the hang of it, you will love how quick and easy creating ads can be using Power Editor

Creating ads in "Power Editor" is explained fully under "Step 5. Setting Up Your Ads"

1. You can access the "Power Editor" by going to

2. You can also access "Power Editor" by going to and then selecting “Power Editor” from the menu on the left hand side.

2015-04-20_PE access 2

3. You can also access "Power Editor" by clicking on Ads Manager on the menu on the left when looking at your Newsfeed2015-04-20_Ads manager 1

Then click “Power Editor” from the menu on the left hand side

2015-04-20_PE access 2

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