Who can I offer advertising to?

Here is a list of people that would be interested in marketing to potential home sellers.

  • Lenders & Mortgage Brokers - Most home sellers are probably going to buy another home and many of them will need a loan.
  • Title Companies or Title Attorneys - All homes that are sold are going to need title insurance.
  • Real Estate Attorneys - Some home sellers will seek the advice of an attorney to guide them thru the home selling process.
  • Moving Companies - Many home sellers hire professional moving companies to help them move.
  • Storage Companies - Many home sellers will put some of their belongings into storage when they move.
  • Staging Professionals - Many home sellers may consider hiring a professional stager to help make their home more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Estate Auctioneers - These people make a living auctioning and liquidating estates. They may be interested in marketing to owners of inherited properties.
  • Home Inspectors - Some home sellers want to have their home inspected before a buyer makes an offer so they won’t have any surprises.
  • Painting Contractors - Many home sellers want to spruce up their home and paint is a very inexpensive way to do that.
  • Handyman - Many home sellers want to spruce up their home and will hire a handyman to help out with that.
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