What do you do if the heir lives out of town?

If you run into a situation where the heir lives out of town, you can follow the same follow up guidelines for Tax Lien Homes with out of town owners, see the out of town excerpt below. 

We would recommend still sending the letter to the heir's address even if they're out of town. 


Out Of Town Owner.
Hey NAME, my name is Your Name and I noticed that you filled out a form to get information on what your home at Property Address here in City Name is worth.

Let me ask you a few questions that will help determine the value of the property.

  1. “Are you planning a trip here anytime soon?”

    A. If they answer “No”, then ask, “Is there anyone living in your home right now or is it vacant?

If the home is vacant, then say, “OK. Well, then I will go out and take a look at your home from the outside. Is it ok if I peer in the windows?

Ok, well I will go check it out and get back to you. After I check it out, what will be a good time that we can talk on the phone about it? Schedule that phone appointment right there on the spot.

Finally, before you let them off the phone, ask, “By the way, Is there any way I can get a key?”

If the home is occupied, then get the tenant’s contact info and set up an appointment to view the home.

           B. If they answer “Yes”, then set up an appointment for when they are going to be in town and look at the property with them.

Well there are two ways I can put together a home value for you.

The first thing I can do it put together a report that from information from homes in the area that are similar to yours.

It gives you somewhat of an idea of what homes like yours are selling for. But, it isn’t accurate because I haven’t seen the inside of your home and I don’t know the exact condition of your home.

I have found that this option isn’t fair to you because it doesn’t reflect your home’s condition.

The other way we can do it that is much better is I can actually come out, look at your home, and put together a detailed and accurate report. ‘

Your home probably has a lot of features that other homes don’t have, such as an upgraded kitchen, a better layout, or it has been better maintained than other homes in the area. All of these things make a huge difference.

There have literally been homes that have sold for 30-50% more than the home next door to them, because of all the minor differences.

Then assume the close “You are going to be in town on the 21st. I can meet you out there either on the 21st or the 22nd. Which day will work better for you?

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