3 Ways To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook has 3 methods for creating ads.

  1. The simplest way to create an ad is by using Boosted Post (recommended for those who are not technically savvy or are still learning Facebook advertising). With this method, usually, the post is already published to your Business Page.
  2. Ads manager falls in the middle, it’s more complex than Boost Post but still simpler than Power Editor (recommended for those who are ready to move beyond Boosted Post but still need time to get more familiar with Facebook Advertising). With this method, you can use posts already published to your Business Page, or create one while setting up your ad.
  3. The most complex method of creating ads is through Power Editor which gives you access to many targeting options and gives you the ability to create multiple ads at once (recommended for those who are familiar with Ads manager and are comfortable with Facebook advertising). With this method, you can use posts already published to your Business Page, or create a published or unpublished posts to use for your ads.
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