How Can I Get My First 100 Likes On My Facebook Page And Why Is The First 100 Important?

Getting your first 100 likes on your Facebook page releases Page Insights which allows you to gather valuable data about your fans who are interacting with your page. This will help you set up more effective ads.

To get your first 100 likes, we recommend some FREE and some Paid methods:

1. Share content on your page that offers value to your fans!

 - Did you know? Facts about Real Estate. This could be "Did you know a buyers power decreases each time interest rates increase?"

- Share posts from other pages as your page that are related to your content/goal of your Facebook Page (this will give Fans of both pages a chance to see your page and will increase your visibility on Facebook).

To share other pages posts, click the "Share" button, then click the drop down in the upper left and change to "Share on a page you manage" and select the name of the page you would like to post to, you can add text to the post if you'd like and post it to your page. These posts cannot be scheduled.

2. Interact with pages of similar content/goals as your page to get more visibility. Simply click the drop down arrow and select "Use Facebook As: Your Page Name."

3. Make sure the "Suggested Page" Option is enabled (To check your settings, go to your Facebook Page, click "Settings," then click "General" and make sure "Similar Page Suggestions" is check marked.

4. $ Use your advertisements to get more page likes: this allows you to generate leads while also accumulating page likes.

5. $ Boosting your Page for Likes: You can use targeting methods to dial in on your ideal audience, but you're paying specifically for Likes which isn't generating any leads or other forms of business.

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