What does the BookLeads/MyBooks $97 monthly membership cover?

"Books Leads" soon to be called "MyBooks" 

Bookleads/Mybooks is a membership and book licensing fee service. When you sign-up for this month-to-month service it gives you the licensing rights to use our (14) real estate books, membership site access and supports the software services printed on the books.

This service includes:

  • Book licensing rights
  • (1) Custom Author website
  • (1) Custom Home Values website
  • (1) Mobile Real Estate Marketer Phone number
  • (1) Instant Author Blog Site
  • Customized book covers
  • Access to printable marketing material to promote your custom books
  • Training strategies on how to use your books
  • User friendly custom lead capture websites
  • Facebook ad training for generating leads
  • Access to Smart Agents Training material 


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